When do you start teaching my child about the Bible?
We believe that from the very earliest age children can begin to learn about God and His love! They will be taught about God through the natural learning processes. Teaching and learning in the infant center is accomplished by every look, word, and act. Therefore, we will focus everything we do in ways that familiarize children with who God is and make them aware of His love for every child.

Is a security system in place to make sure that the right person picks up my child?
YES! Your child’s safety is very important to us! For birth-5th grade, we use a fingerprint recognition program. Only those adults registered may pick up your child!

I have a special needs child. Who should I contact with questions?
We are so thrilled to be able to minister to your family and your child. Please contact Joy Wertz at 818.843.4883 so that we can best serve your family!

Is there a place for me to nurse my baby?
The nursing mother’s room is available during all services. It is the room adjoining our guest info room in the back of the sanctuary.

How will you find me if you need me during the service?
We utilize cell phones in case of emergencies. Upon Check-in you will provide your contact numbers which will appear on your child’s badge.

What kind of security check do the volunteers have to go through?
Adults who works with our children must have completed our Committed to Serve in His Image 8 step process, this includes completion of application, interview with Children’s Ministry Director, approval by Senior Pastor, ministry training, and on-going evaluations.

Who should I call if I have a special story to tell, a concern to share, or a question to ask?
Joy Wertz | jwertz@villagechurchburbank.org | 818.843.4883