KNIGHTS OF THE CROSS – Fifth Grade The Knights of the Cross focuses on developing the character of Christ in fifth graders by using the metaphor of the noble knight embattled in spiritual warfare. The children are trained first as pages by the occupants of Covenant Castle: Sir Victor, Lady Grace, Truthsayer, and Reynard. As Sir Victor shares with them his quest for the Seven Living Stones of Virtue, the children learn the Christ-like qualities they need to develop in order to battle the powers of darkness: valiant, compassionate, noble, chivalrous, disciplined, steadfast, and submissive. After completing this training, the pages become Squires of the Realm. Throughout the year, the evil Lord Lucifer attempts to thwart their training as Christ Knights. By confronting him, the children receive practical training for spiritual warfare on the battleground of their everyday lives. At the end the year the children are dubbed Knights of the Cross at a magnificent, medieval banquet.