Power Surge - 3 ad 4 year olds
Saturday - Searchlight: 5:00 PM

The children will discover how the fruit of God’s Spirit grows in their life. They will explore the ways our character displays God’s good fruit and learn about Christians throughout history whose lives demonstrated those character qualities. As they explore the expressions of each fruit of God’s Holy Spirit on their lives, they will learn to cultivate attitudes that will lead them to know God better and become the fruitful people He designed them to be.

Sunday - Sunday School: 9:30 AM-10:45 AM

Your child will be participating in fun filled, action packed, hands-on bible learning. They will be experiencing Bible lessons that they can touch...see...hear...taste...and smell! Using their senses will heighten their interests drawing them into God’s Word and then bring them closer to Jesus Christ.

Fun Bible lessons....everyone-involved games...cool activities... Wow! What fun!

Wednesday Nights: 6:15-8:00 PM

Your child will learn about God’s love, care and help in their everyday lives. Each child will engage in and actively explore Bible truths in ways that involve the whole child. They will discover ways to do what they have learned, and apply them appropriately in their daily lives. We ask that parents remain on campus.